Paddleboarding as a cure of ailment

Paddleboarding as a cure of ailment
Jul 23 2021

SUP can be the best cure for many ailments. Here I am adding a real-life experience of mine in which SUP paddling helps me cure my body ails.

The period of my dancing life was over, but an issue of my chronic hip pain kept me stressed for a long time. I had passed a major part of my life in dancing for living, teaching, yoga, and Fitness. In all this time, over-rotating poses didn’t allow me to heal my chronic hip issue. Also, I had a genetic issue named “genu valgum,” or Knock-kneed disease, that was a cause of certain cramps that kept me involved in my hip ailment as there was difficult alignment.

I had used many chiropractors during those years that temporarily helped me in pain relief. Also, some of the scar tissues got better with a massage. But these treatments were for the short term. I got nothing for my healing from day to day, increasing hip pain. The vibrations that occurred during the night were even worse.

These cursed days ended when I stood upon a paddleboard…….!

At last, at the age of 33, I have found something that gives me an essence of therapy along with exercise and fitness.



A Life-Changing Miracle-Loving SUP a little more every day  

It was a beautiful day in October 2008, when I stood upon a paddleboard for the first time in my life, and I loved that feeling. There was an anonymous change in my body which had never experienced before. If someone descriptively explains that feel, it was a perfect anatomical alignment. As I had started paddling regularly, my hip pain started decreasing eventually. My chronically tight shoulder becomes less tightened. Also, I felt that my legs become less knock-kneed. One might not believe in a miracle, but I had found it as the best cure in my life and become a kind of lifestyle.

After getting better with my muscle issues, I started researching why paddling affected me in the best way in such a short time. A person feels much better just by standing on the top of the water on an a 10-foot Trophy T2 paddleboard. Then, I began to take yoga and fitness classes on paddleboards and saw the same results in my clients. They have several comments on how their body utilized muscles they had never used before experiencing paddling.

The more I get involved in paddleboarding, the more I discover the positive side of it. When we stand on the board with feet hip-width apart, bend our knees a bit. And keep our core engaged; we automatically reach an anatomical, sound Position and perfect body alignment. Standing on the floor, there are several positions we use when we stand.

We tend to keep our body weight on one foot while standing or place weight on the underside of feet that allows knees to fall inward and hips in a forwarding place. Hence we slouch the upper body causing knees to be locked. These positions are not applicable in SUP. If anyone paddles using these standing poses, there is a greater risk of falling.



The perfect Position by using T2 paddle boarding 

The use of paddleboarding is easy when we use the perfect Position to stand in. the feet are needed to be balanced and placed hip-width apart. There should help a bend in the knees a bit. When you stroke, your thigh bones are gently held back in your hip socket as an ideal position. The shoulder blades are hugged back, and the core is the main part that keeps you stable while paddling on board.

WOWSEA SUP is therapeutic on an actual basis

You will not believe I got freedom from my throbbing hip pain in just one year on the board. When I reached 3 years on the board, my hip pain never tortured me again ever. The issue of my shoulder that started to be strained and overworked during my exercise in the gym will end up in these three years on Trophy T2 paddle board.

Three regular years on my paddle helped me to get freedom from my hip pain that never showed up again

Also, if I tell you about my knock-kneed-ness, it is hardly noticeable after five years on the SUP. I started folding my knees inward and live without runner’s knees and any other sporadic sciatic issue. Further, I can say with complete assurance that it has a significant therapeutic effect on my body that no exercise ever gave me.

SUP-a great combo of exercise, Fitness, and therapy



The Perfect Combo of Exercise, Fitness, and Therapy

I have never been in such a better shape before I started this miracle-typed paddling. As a fitness instructor and trainer, I have tried every exercise, including strength training, Tai chi, band work, kickboxing, and many other famous exercises. But I have found them all exhausted. At the age of 33, I have found my best combination of exercise, Fitness, and therapy.

I have enrolled in the SUP Yoga therapist Certification program to get more awareness about the benefits of SUP. I am doing all this to help my clients better using SUP-in as a mode of physical therapy. The outcomes are astonishing. I have heard from other SUP users that water sport is enhancing in the zone of health and Fitness.

Paddle Boarding Always gives us a deeper connection

The water bodies release negative ions that enhance the healing process in our bodies and our spirits. This is research-proven that water sports give a deeper connection with nature that has a healing essence.

In my opinion and from personal experience, SUP is healing and a cure for many ailments. I don’t belong to the profession of doctors and physiotherapists, but all I am saying is from my personal experience and my client’s reviews. The best therapeutic essence in paddleboarding makes me a proud believer and a Stand-Up paddler for life.

From my personal experience and in my opinion, SUP is healing and a cure for what ails you. I’m no doctor. I’m no physio. But I have experienced the benefits of SUP firsthand and seen it make a difference in people positively, inside and out, as no other sport or therapy has. And that makes me a believer and a Standup Paddler for Life, So I very much agree with Love Enjoy my Lifestyle from WOWSEA SUP.


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