Define a Lifestyle (Brand Creative Source)

Part A:

WOWSEA Brand Creative Source


When the founder (Gerald) created the WOWSEA brand graphic LOGO, it took him more than a month before and after, he and the start-up team members failed to create a satisfactory result, because he knew very well that making a product requires a kind of social responsibility, mission and vision. Currently, the global climate is warming, ecological damage is serious, many animals and plants are on the verge of extinction, and the natural environment on which humans rely for survival and development continues to deteriorate, etc. these well-known problems have been plaguing him and his start-up team.

With less than 24 hours left before the design deadline, Gerald was browsing the Bing.com and inadvertently saw a photo of two beluga whales interacting with two divers underwater, he was deeply attracted by the agility and cuteness of the beluga whale and couldn't help but sigh, it's so beautiful and harmonious, Gerald thought it would be such a pity if humans could no longer see animals like belugas in future! so can WOWSEA's career setup connection with the spiritual white whale? So he had an inspiration and contacted his designer immediately, they first drafted it by hand and then used professional software, in less than an hour, they completed the design of the graphic LOGO-E variant that WOWSEA has been using, it is intended to remind WOWSEA team members from time to time to protect the Beluga, protecting the ecological environment starts with ourselves, starts from the career of WOWSEA, so that all participants can love and enjoy the pure beauty that nature has given us.

At the same time, WOWSEA had decided that for every SUP product sold through the WOWSEA brand in the future, WOWSEA company is willing to donate 2 US dollars (2$ PER SUP) to the world's environmental protection organizations, hoping to use the meager power of the WOWSEA brand to make a small contribution to the construction of sustainable ecological civilization for mankind. After the graphic LOGO design was completed, WOWSEA designers followed the trend and designed the beluga as the WOWSEA brand mascot, it will be given to WOWSEA’s channel partners and users through WOWSEA products in the future, hoping that they will join WOWSEA to participating in and witnessing the landing and implementation of WOWSEA’s ecological civilization journey until it resonates with society. There is such a wonderful career in WOWSEA, are you willing to support the WOWSEA team to keep doing it?

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Part B:

WOWSEA brand is from an exclamation of the “WOW”, plus “SEA” (the homophonic of SEE); Look, What a great product! Want to deliver a concept of “Amazing” for first impressions about products and services, and… feel nice, really nice.

There is a saying in China: Greatness in Simplicity, under this concept WOWSEA was formed as a brand and division within WOWSEA SUP for house brand sup boards, sup fishing boats, sup tour boats and accessories. The brand’s value was coined: “Simplicity, Affordability, Friendliness

This philosophy has generated the WOWSEA’s Mission Statement and Vision Statement:

Mission Statement:

Affordable innovation without the environmental impact

WOWSEA strives to achieve affordable innovation through Information Technology, Supply Chain Management and Ingenious Designs, want consumers to love and enjoy paddling lifestyle, while no impact on the environment. WOWSEA seeks unprecedented cost-effective ecommerce practices to directly market to consumers, cutting paddleboard costs by 30% or more on average.

Vision Statement:

Keeping iSUP love and enjoyment

To provide lasting memories of enjoyable sup paddling experiences for consumers through innovation and technology; and foster sustainable paddling practices, the enjoyment of life, the love of nature, and protect the sensitivity to the environment of our planet. For the happiness and progress of all mankind, contribute a little bit of effort.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about WOWSEA. If you have any further questions, please email us at info@wowseasup.com


CEO & Founder:


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