How to Get Started Stand Up Paddle Fishing

How to Get Started Stand Up Paddle Fishing
Apr 17 2022

Is SUP hard to fish on?

How do you fish on an inflatable paddleboard?

What should I look for?

Before buying a SUP fishing paddleboard, you may have many questions. Let's find out about it thoroughly.

A growing number of water sports are adapted to paddleboards as paddleboards become increasingly popular. WOWSEA is adapting their SUPs to fit specific sports, such as fishing, always in demand. The standard equipment on paddleboards, fishing seats, pole mounts, and other accessories to enhance your fishing experience is being incorporated.

Some boards are already well suited to the needs of those who want to change up how they fish a favorite water hole without investing in the latest innovations. You'll want to know certain things before you go out on a SUP and try your luck at catching a bass or two, no matter how much experience you've got with fishing.



For many would-be anglers, the biggest obstacle to becoming a fisher is the lack of a boat. Many people find that getting on the water will make fishing too challenging to enjoy, from how expensive ships can be to how complicated it is to get in and out of the water. From your first step on the shore to the last time you pack up, SUP fishing makes fishing easy, inexpensive, and fun. Compared to a fishing boat, a SUP allows you to go places that a boat can't.

The ability to transport a SUP means you can reach the lake, get on the water, and leave it far more quickly than a boat. Those who use SUPs instead of boats won't have to deal with the hassle of standing in a boat line.

A SUP allows you to sit, stand, stretch, and let your transport float around without worrying about it floating away as you move about. Standing up as opposed to the sitting position of a kayak can also provide you with more strength to reel a fish in, and the deck pad of your SUP offers more comfort than the benches of many fishing boats.

While paddleboarding, we found that our bodies are kept limber and pain-free compared to kayaking or boating for an extended period. Furthermore, should you become bored of fishing or have bad luck while fishing, your paddleboard is designed to provide you with various other activities without having to alter its configuration.


 8 Steps How to Get Started Stand Up Paddle Fishing


8 Steps How to Get Started Stand Up Paddle Fishing

  1. Prepare the fishing setup, accessories and life jackets
  2. Get to know the guide experience of fishing instruction with SUP paddle board
  3. Choose the right Fishing SUP Board
  4. Row the paddle to the fishing spot where the fish are
  5. Stabilize the paddle and take out the fishing setup
  6. Choose the right fishing rod by considering the fish, the environment and human factors
  7. It is more advantageous to use the SUP board to fish, and you can reach the fishing spot quickly
  8. The flatwater SUP board is the perfect choice for beginners



There isn't much difference between traditional fishing and SUP fishing once you get your gear ready and are on the lake. The following tips might make your time on the water more enjoyable or even help you reel in the biggest catch:

  • You should focus on learning how to stabilize yourself while SUPing.
  • Getting out there to fish might make you eager, but you're not going to catch much if you keep falling over every time you reach for the rod. Practice your movements and gestures on a mat at home or in a safe environment before you go fishing. If you are wading in shallows, you should be able to stay on your board and reel once you reach deeper waters.
  • Make sure your gear is tightly secured before you throw your first cast of the day. You will probably topple over from time to time, even if you are an experienced SUPer. It is common for SUPs to have a cargo area equipped with bungee cords, and some even come with mounts for mounting your fishing rack. Taking a few seconds to make sure nothing has been moved isn't going to hurt before casting.
  • You should always check the fishing laws in your area. Many anglers choose SUP fishing overfishing from a boat because it does not require the same licenses as operating a boat. While on a SUP, however, you'll still need to follow your local fishing regulations. When you go fishing, make sure you know what you can do and purchase tags and keep them with your SUP or on you.
  • Make sure you have fun! The top reason many fishers are switching from boats to SUPs is the ease of enjoying their natural surroundings. A SUP is far less disruptive than a large ship, and paddleboarding is far less restrictive than kayaking. It will be the perfect sport for you if you want to have a good time and experience something new while you're fishing!


sup fishing - WOWSEA SUP



A few disadvantages are associated with SUP fishing, but they can mostly be avoided with a bit of planning.

  • You will need some skill to fish from a SUP, so if you are a beginner, learn how to SUP before picking up a fishing rod.
  • You must remain stable while casting, reeling, and handling fish while fishing from a stand-up paddleboard. An intermediate or advanced paddler is needed for SUP fishing, but the practice is endless.
  • It is essential to have a stable SUP board that is not overloaded. Choose only the necessary gear and keep it centered on the SUP.



When choosing a SUP, you will need to consider several factors according to your preferences. In terms of usability and quality, however, we consider the following factors vital:

Stability, Board Shape, and Size: A SUP's size, shape, and stability are essential aspects to consider. The ability to stand steadily upright for long periods is critical when fishing, as you will be trying to reel in a fish while trying to focus. As a general rule, your impression of your inflatable SUP will be heavily influenced by how you feel about it.

Fishing Mounts: If you're looking for fishing accessories, you'll need mounts that'll support rod holders, racks, and other fishing accessories. Even though D-rings are great for many fishing accessories, action mounts, fishing mounts, and, in particular, Scotty mounts will do you more good.

Foam Pad/Grip: Satisfying your SUP fishing needs requires that you stand for most of the day. It would be good if you had a deck pad that is comfortable, sturdy, and durable to handle water.



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Final thoughts

A SUP is a vehicle for recreation, leisure, and the enjoyment of nature, fishing, and all sorts of activities on the water. Although they require skill and practice to master, that is one of the reasons they are enjoyable. You can experiment out on the water and find out what you enjoy. A stand-up paddleboard is well suited to a wide range of activities, so we're sure you'll find something fun to do with your SUP other than fishing. With WOWSEA, you can get the best paddleboards to enjoy fishing by saying, Love, Enjoy My Lifestyle. Reach on to them for more assistance

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