WOWSEA Racer Inflatable Paddle Boards

Life is a race against time every day, it seems to never stop. No matter in the present or in the future, everyone wants to make a ripple in the track of life. 

Whether you are a professional or non-professional paddler, the RACER professional sup board developed by WOWSEA hopes that your life, with the help of the RACER, will set sail from now on, going further and further on the track of life, more and more wonderful.

Racer R1 12'6"/384cm Sport SUP Board
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The WOWSEA Traveller W1 inflatable paddle board is not only efficient-yet passionate, tough-yet agile and stable-yet smooth, but offering the ease of portability you want in an inflatable. Whether you’re paddling to far off places, or surfing sea rapids–the slim and sleek design paired with durable F1 construction makes the WOWSEA Traveller W1 the excellent board to carry you the distance.

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