Helping WOWSEA Give Away Up to One Million Dollars

Team up with WOWSEA to contribute up to One Million Dollars to worthy SUP paddling organizations!

WOWSEA wants your SUP paddling world to be a better place by supporting organizations involved in waters conservation, helping disabled veterans through SUP paddling, or getting kids into the sport of SUP paddling. Therefore, WOWSEA will donate five dollars for every participant. Up to one million dollars in support! The WOWSEA Million Dollar Rally -- our ‘Million Heartbeat Campaign’ -- is something everyone can participate in. Just take a picture or short video of your purchased WOWSEA Paddle Boards. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or KikTok. Pick (Fill in) your not-for-profit organization below and give them a shout-out with hashtag #1MilllionDollarRally, #Your Organization’s Hashtag, and #WOWSEA. We’ll donate five dollars on behalf of every one of you every time you make a WOWSEA purchase and follow the instructions.

Every single love-heart counts. Every single supporter matters. When we are done, up to one million dollars in donations and the millions of supporters and increased awareness will make a huge difference on our SUP paddling community.

Together, let’s rally on it!


Take a picture, or short video, of any of your purchased WOWSEA paddle boards since March 2018 to post on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or KikTok (or all four!).

Select (Fill in) one of the not-for-profit organizations below to support. Give them a big shout-out by using Hashtag #1MilllionDollarRally, #Your Organization’s Hashtag and #WOWSEA.

Count yourself in and inform WOWSEA to make the donation below.



WOWSEA will donate five dollars for each purchase (paddle board) that follows the rules. Up to one million dollars in support! WOWSEA will make the donation to that organization on your behalf. At the end of the year, WOWSEA will tally all of the donations for that hashtag and present each organization with the donation amounts.

Please tell your SUP paddling friends about the WOWSEA Million Dollar Rally and show them how to be one of the million love-hearts for America!




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