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Q: Does it come with a paddle?

A: Yes, all WOWSEA sup board packages come with a 3-piece adjustable fiberglass blend shaft paddle or aluminum paddle. 2020 WOWSEA Traveller W1 boards and Trophy T1 boards come with a 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle. All other model boards come with a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle.

Q: Are the fins included in the package?

A: Yes, side bite fins will be fixed on the board before delivery, the center fin will be packed in each board package and is removable. We sell the tracking fins separately for those who lost it during paddling.

Q: I lost the center fin – How can I get new one?

A: You can email or contact WOWSEA service team or source it from our website directly

Q: Is there an action mount on board?

A: WOWSEA boards don’t come with action mounting points, if you need them, please talk to our service team, we can customize them for you, they are small screws that allow for accessories to stay mounted on board. If you are a net influencer, probably it’s a good choice.

Q: Can I buy a WOWSEA board in local store?

A: Sorry, WOWSEA is an all online factory which keeps our direct to consumer and competitive affordable price for you! We can ship from various locations across the globe and shipping will be always free with a 60 Day return (refer to our return policy). For 2020 there are our amazon sites in your location, you can receive it in 1 or 2 days, others by DHL in 7 days.

Q: Can I get a discount if I buy multiple boards?

A: Yes, you can get a two-board discount or more exclusively on If you want to purchase more boards to retail, please contact us for dealer pricing, email us at 

Q: Can I buy a gift card?

A: Sure thing! You can buy WOWSEA boards on amazon site, is not available at present. You can keep following our website any time for promotions. Sync with Amazon!

Q: Because I have the WOWSEA parts, can I buy the board only?

A: Yes, it’s ok. You’d better send the picture of parts to us for confirmation before purchase. In future, WOWSEA will realize various customizations for consumers.

Q: Can I use the kayak seat on this board?

A: Yes! The kayak seat only works on Bluesky S2 board. The kayak seat attaches to the D rings which are located on each side of the boards. If you need it for other models, please chat with our service team.

Q: Do you have a discount for the military?

A: Yes, please email a picture of your military ID to and we will send a discount code for what you want to buy with 50 dollars off or more.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is always free except for some special locations, please chat with WOWSEA service team for instructions

Q: How will my order be shipped?

A: All orders are shipped via DHL, UPS, or Amazon. Your order may be shipped in a carton box or boxes depending on items purchased. Usually we ship all at the same time, some items may be delayed but will arrive in 2 or 3 days.



Q: How long does it take to inflate a WOWSEA board?

A: The WOWSEA dual chamber manual pump is capable of inflating a board in approximately 3-5 minutes when pumping at an adult pace. Some consumers reported as little as 3 minutes, some consumers reported as much as 5 minutes. So the inflation time will depend on the pace you keep when pumping. If the single-chamber manual pump that comes with the WOWSEA boards, the inflation will need more time. The WOWSEA auto electric pump sold on the wowseasup website is specially adapted to inflate any WOWSEA boards. It can connect to any 12V car plugs and inflates a board to 15 PSI in approximately 10-12 minutes.

Q: Can I keep my board inflated?

A: Absolutely, we keep new boards inflated for several months at a time in WOWSEA showroom, and we didn’t find they lose any air. If you choose to leave the board in direct sunlight for long time, we suggest you deflate the board to prevent over-expansion as this is not covered under the warranty.

Q: What is the recommended PSI for WOWSEA sup boards?

A: The recommended pressure is 15 PSI. WOWSEA boards can hold up to 23 PSI, some consumers have no idea whether It’s more and better, our answer is the opposite. 15 PSI can let you get the best performance while paddling.

Q: Does the paddle float once lost?

A: Yes! The paddle floats for 5~10 minutes for you to find it when you lose it, but it will eventually fill up with water and sink. The foam piece inside the paddle makes it float, and therefore it only floats when the whole paddle is connected. One and half year later, the paddle blade is recommended to be reinforced

Q: How do I deflate and roll up my WOWSEA board?

A: Two ways to deflate WOWSEA boards, one is by hand, please operate it refer to the valve detailed usage illustration on board, till no air left in the board; the other is deflated by dual-chamber manual pump, but 70% boards come with single-chamber manual pump, so you’d better check the kit gear with your board. Pump deflation is better than by hand. Make sure the air valve is left open and start rolling it as tight and straight as possible at the nose, when you roll up to the air valve, you will have to close the valve so that no air gets back into the board, and then tighten it attach with the strap. You’d better roll up the boards like you open it first time, finally It should fit into the backpack this way just fine. The video link will be provided by WOWSEA soon.

Q: How to hold the paddle by your hand when paddling?

A: You’d better adjust the paddle length according to your height before paddling, it is easier for your hands to paddle with the logo facing towards the front of the board, which allows the water to slip more easily past the blade as the paddle moves through the water.

Q: How does the kayak conversion work for WOWSEA boards?

A: Only WOWSEA Bluesky S2 board comes with kayak seat. Start from the handle comes off of the adjustable paddle, another paddle blade pops on and it turns into a kayak paddle (a blade on each end)! And then, kayak seat should be fixed on the board by the seat belt, the kayak conversion is just fine. The detailed conversion video link will be provided by WOWSEA soon.

Q: Can I travel with WOWSEA board on top of my car?

A: Within 20 kilometers, it’s ok. But we don’t recommend, because the inflatable sup boards are too light, and the wind can easily cause the PVC to be warped and cracked. Travelling with an inflatable board on top of your car won’t get the warranty if damaged

Q: How should I clean my WOWSEA sup board?

A: Generally soapy water should do the trick if only ordinary dirty! But we also like to use the industrial alcohol or the mineral spirits to clean some tougher stains on boards.

Q: When the winter comes, how to store my board?

A: WOWSEA recommends storing it completely dry, rolled up in the backpack, stored in a location away from the garage, the basement or the balcony.



Q: Do WOWSEA boards come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all WOWSEA boards come with a 2-year warranty, damage due to misuse or negligence is not covered, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase. For more please refer to our warranty policy on Link here

Q: WOWSEA pump pressure gauge is not working – What do I do?

A: Generally, the pressure gauge will start to register a pressure reading after the board reaches 7 PSI, some new consumers think the pump is broken. Make sure the pressure gauge isn’t loose and that the dial on your pump is not stuck in between settings. if gauge is not working really, you can replace it with the attached gauge in kit gear.

Q: What is the wrench inside my repair kit used for?

A: The wrench included in the repair kit should only be used for leaking valves. Should you hear air escaping around the edge of the valve, please use to tighten the valve by turning clockwise, but it should never be used to deflate your board. Make sure the proper use of this tool every time.

Q: Will rocks or sunken objects damage my WOWSEA iSUP board?

A: All of WOWSEA boards are made with Military Grade PVC and can withstand minor impacts to rocks, or sunken logs or wood pilings. But you would still need to take caution if you do encounter such harsh terrain, as punctures caused by such paddling, won't be covered under the warranty.

Q: What glue do you recommend for adhering patches?

A: Marine PVC glue from any local hardware stores will work great! WOWSEA also sells it on, please check it on the spare parts kit.

Q: Does WOWSEA have any suggestions for patching a board?

A: First, please take out of one patch put in repair kit, cut out a smaller piece of the patch just big enough to cover the hole on board if broken. We usually use a bottle cap or something like that ends up making a good size patch. Secondly, Clean the patch and the edge of board hole (area that will apply glue) with an alcohol wipe. Thirdly, apply glue to each side (patch and board) and let the glue sit for a minute to get tacky. Last, place patch on board over hole and clamp it down again and again (hand clamps or metal clamps work best), and then leave it in the air for about 12 hrs. make sure the Air Humidity is under 68 degrees, that should do it. If the patch is too big, you will have to do little sections at a time, follow the instruction above to repair one by one. As always, if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at



Q: Which board do you recommend for Newcomers?

A: We recommend the WOWSEA Binoics B1 or Funny F1! Binoics B1 is the best option to get used to the sport of paddling and don’t cost much. Meanwhile, stable and endurable, not weight.

Q: Are WOWSEA SUPs good for yoga and fitness?

A: Yes, iSUPs are rigid enough to enable stability while practicing yoga and other fitness, but also allow providing just enough cushion to alleviate the pressure points from performing different positions. You will have a comfortable and effective yoga and fitness experience, we recommend the WOWSEA Trophy T1 and Trophy T2.

Q: Can I bring my pets on WOWSEA board?

A: Yes! You can bring any pets to paddle together on board, as long as your pets’ nails will not pop the PVC, they can ride well on almost any of WOWSEA boards like a baby.

Q: Which board do you recommend for surfing?

A: We recommend the WOWSEA Traveller W1, the 29″ of width, narrow tail and pointy front reduces drag to a minimum while still maintaining a stable ride.

Q: Which board is best for touring?

A: WOWSEA Traveller W1, WOWSEA Trophy T1 and WOWSEA Trophy T2 are the best for touring. Please refer to our instruction for more.

Q: Can I fit the kayak seat on the board?

A: Yes! Only WOWSEA Bluesky S2 comes with kayak seat, other models are not available, if you want to fit the kayak seat on the board, you will have to buy it separately from WOWSEA site or other stores.

Q: Do I have to wear a lifejacket?

A: The US Coast Guard requires a PFD to be on board, your paddle board since it is considered a vessel. Look up your local water rules here. So it’s the best for you prepare for a lifejacket before paddling, after all the safety comes first, although there is a safety leash.



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