SUP Board Maintenance: Preparing Your WOWSEA SUP for Summer

SUP Board Maintenance: Preparing Your WOWSEA SUP for Summer
May 08 2024

The arrival of summer brings with it an irresistible call of the blue - be it lakes, rivers, or oceans beckoning you to break free and glide over their surfaces on your Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP). For many, this isn't just a sport or a hobby; it's a way to reconnect with nature, to find peace, and to challenge oneself. WOWSEA SUP boards, known for their durability and versatility, have become a staple for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. Yet, even the most rugged of gear requires care and preparation, especially as the warmer months roll in.


Essential Pre-Summer Checks

Before you let your board taste the water this summer, a thorough check is crucial to ensure it's in prime condition. Winter storage, no matter how careful, can sometimes lead to unforeseen issues that may affect your board's performance.

 Puncture and Damage Checks:

Start by meticulously inspecting your board for any signs of punctures, tears, or damage that might have occurred during storage. An unnoticed small puncture can turn a fun day into a problematic one. If you find any damage, worry not. Most can be easily fixed with a repair kit designed for inflatable SUPs. Just make sure the repairs are done well in advance to allow any patches to fully adhere and cure.

 Seams and Material Inspection:

Seams are the lifelines of an inflatable SUP. Inspect them closely for any signs of wear, loosening, or damage. Similarly, give the entire material of the board a once-over to ensure there are no areas that have become weakened or compromised. Early detection of seam issues is critical to preventing board failure.

 Valve Integrity Check:

The valve is your board's gateway to inflation and exploration. Check its condition meticulously. Ensure it's clean, free of debris, and that the seal is tight and intact. A leaking valve can lead to a gradual loss of pressure that might not be noticeable until you're out on the water.


With each inspection, you're not just ensuring the board's readiness for summer but also your safety and the longevity of the board. Next, let's dive into the specifics of cleaning and preparing your WOWSEA SUP for the adventures that await.


What should I do if I find any issues with the seams or material of my SUP board?

If you discover any issues with the seams or material of your WOWSEA SUP board, it's important to address these problems before heading out onto the water. Here's what you can do:


  1. Assess the Damage:Carefully examine the extent of the damage. Is it a small issue, like a loosened seam, or something more significant? Pinpointing the exact problem will help you figure out the best course of action.
  1. Contact Manufacturer:If your board is still under warranty and the damage is significant or due to a manufacturing defect, it's best to reach out to WOWSEAteam ( WOWSEA team can guide you on warranty claims or suggest authorized repair services. Even if the board is out of warranty, WOWSEA team also offer guidance on repairs.
  1. DIY Repair for Minor Issues:For small issues such as minor seam leaks or wear and tear, you can use a repair kit that is typically included with your board or can be purchased separately. Make sure to follow the repair instructions carefully:

       - Clean the area around the seam thoroughly, allowing it to dry completely.

       - Apply the adhesive as directed and let it set for the time specified in the instructions.

       - If a patch is required, place it firmly over the area and ensure it bonds well. (Note: After applying glue, let it sit for 5 minutes before attaching.)

       - After the fit is complete, you need to press firmly and evenly, and let it sit for more than 24 hours before using the paddle board.)

  1. Professional Repair Services:For larger issues, or if you're unsure about doing it yourself, seek out professional repair services. They have the expertise and equipment to fix severe damage properly, ensuring that the integrity of the board is not compromised.
  1. Avoid Quick Fixes:While duct tape might be a quick temporary solution, it's not a long-term fix and can lead to further damage if water seeps into the board's core.


By taking the right steps, you can fix issues with the seams or material of your SUP board effectively, ensuring many more seasons of safe and enjoyable paddleboarding.


Preparing Your WOWSEA SUP for Summer


Cleaning Your SUP

 After a long winter's hibernation, your WOWSEA inflatable SUP board needs a good wake-up bath to ensure it's pristine and ready for the summer. Cleaning your board is a pivotal aspect of maintenance that extends its life and keeps it looking sharp on the water.


Choosing the Right Cleaning Materials:

Begin by selecting the appropriate cleaning agents and tools. Harsh chemicals can damage the board's material, so it's advisable to use gentle soap and water or specialized SUP cleaners that are designed to be kind to your board. You'll also need a soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratching the surface.


Step-by-Step Cleaning Process:

- Lay your board on a flat, clean surface, preferably in the shade to avoid direct sun exposure which can dry out the board too quickly.

- Rinse the board with fresh water to remove any loose debris.

- Dilute the soap in water and apply it to the board using the sponge or cloth, using circular motions to cover all areas.

- Pay special attention to the deck pad, as it can accumulate grime. A soft brush can be helpful for this area.

- Once scrubbed, rinse the board thoroughly with clean water, ensuring all soap is washed away.

- With a dry towel, gently pat down the board to remove excess water. Avoid harsh rubbing which can create surface scratches.

- Leave the board to air dry completely, but not in harsh sunlight as UV rays can damage the board material over time.


Preventive Measures for Storage and Use:

- When storing your board, make sure it's clean and dry to prevent mold and mildew.

- After each use during summer, give your SUP a quick freshwater rinse, especially when used in saltwater, as salt can degrade material over time.


Cleaning your WOWSEA SUP is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to extend its life and ensure it performs at its best. Next up, we'll discuss the proper techniques for inflation and pressure maintenance to maximize your summer paddling experience.


Inflating Your WOWSEA SUP: Tips for Optimal Pressure and Care

 Inflating your WOWSEA inflatable SUP board is not just about pumping air into it. It's about achieving the right pressure for optimal performance and learning how to care for your board to avoid damage. Here's a basic outline for correctly inflating your board and maintaining it in summer:


Understanding PSI: PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) is the unit used to measure the air pressure in your SUP board. For most WOWSEA inflatable SUPs, the recommended PSI is generally between 12 and 15. This may vary based on the model of your board, so always check the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


Inflating Your Board:

- Unroll your deflated SUP on a flat and clean surface, avoiding sharp or abrasive objects that could pierce the material.

- Connect the pump to the board's valve, ensuring it's securely fastened.

- Start pumping, regularly checking the pressure gauge on your pump to monitor the PSI. It's generally easier at the beginning, but as the pressure increases, it requires more strength.

- Once you reach the recommended PSI, stop



  1. The valve on your SUP has two positions: one for inflation and one for deflation. Ensure the valve is in the correct position to prevent air from escaping when removing the pump. This mistake is more common than you might think!
  2. A simple test to check the gauge meter: Take a pump without inflation hose, pull up all the handle, close perfectly with your hand the hole on handle where connect the hose. Push down the handle about 20-30kg and you will see that the gauge meter moves. If you have a scale, you can check as well the precision of the gauge meter: put the pump on the scale, do exactly what I said before and push 40kg. The gauge meter should indicate about 15psi. Attention: for the 2 tests you should close perfectly with your hand the hose from where the air comes out, otherwise the test doesn’t valid.


Preparing Your WOWSEA SUP for Summer


Accessories Check

 In addition to the fins, it's also essential to inspect and maintain your SUP accessories. These include paddles, leashes, and PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices).


- Inspect paddles for any damage, such as cracks or chips, particularly along the blade's edges.

- Ensure that adjustable paddles are functioning correctly and that the locking mechanisms are secure.


- Check the leash for any tears, frays, or wear that may affect its strength.

- Confirm that the leash's cuff is comfortable and secure on your ankle or calf and that the swivel is moving freely.


- Verify that PFDs are still buoyant and free from tears or damage.

- Check that all straps and buckles are in working order and that it fits properly.


Proper Usage

 Finally, knowing how to properly use your SUP board can prevent unnecessary stress or damage.

 SUP Handling:

- When using your SUP, avoid paddling over shallow areas where the fins could hit the bottom.

- Take care when docking or coming ashore to minimize impact with hard surfaces.


Preparing Your WOWSEA SUP for Summer



 In this comprehensive guide, we walked through the essential steps to ensure your WOWSEA inflatable SUP board is summer-ready. From routine inspections and cleaning to tips on inflation and storage, we aim to cover everything you need to maintain your board in top-notch condition. So, whether you're planning serene solo trips across glassy waters at dawn or gearing up for some vigorous group paddling sessions under the summer sun, this article will ensure your board is as ready as you are.


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This concludes the SUP board maintenance guide. When you're ready to learn more or have other inquiries, please feel free to ask:

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