Never Give Up Day With WOWSEA!

Never Give Up Day With WOWSEA!
Aug 15 2022

It was the perfect time to celebrate Never Give Up day during summer vacation when everyone crosses paths, meets, and has a good time.

Knokke (Belgium) local entrepreneurs approved August 18th as the day for this celebration. In 2012, Philippe Croizon used custom-made fins for swimming across five continents, completing the swim on the same day. Those with disabilities are likely to be inspired by the accomplishments of the swimmer who lost all his limbs in an electrocution accident.

It was someone else's achievement that inspired Philippe Croizon. Those life stories inspire people to keep fighting and never give up, which shape a day such as this, where people are inspired by the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding individuals.

Similarly, those who want to start their paddleboarding journey are awaiting motivation. Don't worry; you can start your SUP journey today without stressing about Never Give Up Day. A backpack-sized inflatable SUP board made stand-up paddleboarding even more accessible and famous.

Besides being an excellent way to exercise and have fun, SUP can also be an intelligent way to get around, allowing you to carry small bags and objects as you paddle.

Surfing was not the only new opportunity opened by SUPing. The paddle board is also used by yoga practitioners, Pilate’s practitioners, fishers, and swimmers to perform specific workouts. As long as WOWSEA exists, SUP lovers can always access the best paddleboards.



Never give up day activities

1. Boost others' motivation

If someone you know is going through a difficult time, call them and tell them they are not alone. If you know someone who is starting a new business, you can call and encourage them. You are taking a big step when you decide to buy your first paddleboard, perhaps even more significant than trying the sport out for the first time.

Doing so demonstrates that you are serious about changing your lifestyle. It's just a matter of motivation. With WOWSEA Paddleboards, SUP users can inspire others to enjoy Never Give up Day like never before.

2. Self-encouragement

Perhaps you are facing a tough time in your life, but tough people last. Taking a leap of faith is the best way to accomplish something you want!

Rather than starting in other divisions, WOWSEA encourages beginners to compete in their age group. As an athlete of a similar ability, competing with others of your age is an excellent way to meet and network with others of similar interests.

There's a good chance that someone will blow you away, and there's also a good chance that you will come out on top. Regardless, you aren't wasting your time.

3. Use social media to share it.

Make sure everyone knows how important this day is. Your social media accounts should be filled with articles or posts about mental toughness. Making videos of your paddleboard time is easy with the paddleboard apps.

There is no doubt that Paddle Logger is one of the most popular apps for stand-up paddle boards. A paddler created the SUP app for paddlers. It allows you to track your paddle adventures from start to finish.

Paddle Logger will do the rest for you once you hit the start or delayed start buttons. Place your phone in a dry bag and let the app do its magic. It automatically creates a detailed SUP trip log after you complete your paddle. Maps, photos, and notes can all be added to each log. Share your logs on social media and save them to your digital logbook.

All skill levels will benefit from this SUP app. There's something for everyone in this app, whether you're a SUP touring pro who wants to compete against previous paddle times or a beginner who wants to take notes on where to paddle.



The most interesting facts about motivation

· Neurological in nature

The brain's neurological activities are responsible for motivation in humans.

· There is no need for punishment.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, motivation might not be sustained by fear of punishment.

· Addictions require more than willpower.

Changing strong neurological patterns to overcome addiction requires more than willpower.

· A foreseen reward is not enough.

A predictable reward may not be enough to sustain motivation over time because our brains get used to it.

· Getting healthy feedback is essential.

Providing healthy feedback and finding new ways to learn are the best ways to maintain motivation for a long time.


What should one love about never give up day?

1. It allows us to take a leap of faith.

A day like this motivates us to do something we've postponed for a long time, like paddleboarding. On Never Give up Day reminds us to never give up on our dreams.

2. Helping others is made possible by encouragement.

Taking part in this day enables us to make a difference in the lives of others. They benefit greatly from your support by supporting your friends in achieving their fantasies about paddleboarding.

3. Hope is given by it

Whether it's a financial or health challenge, this day reminds us that every person has a warrior.



What are the benefits of never giving up?

Our human tendency is to stop before we reach our full potential. It is common for people to forget how close they were to achieving success before they gave up. As a result, we have a higher chance of achieving more incredible things in life by never giving up.

Be honest with yourself: When people don't dare to be honest, they quit. Tell the truth about yourself, your feelings, and your goals. It is easier to feel like giving up if you do not like the job you are in now but pretend to because it is what everyone expects of you. Every time consumers love a lifestyle, WOWSEA grows faster, so every time the more they love, the faster WOWSEA grows.

To promote consistent good experience in paddleboard tours and races, the company strives to meet its customers' requirements for affordability, environmental friendliness, and innovative, high-quality products that perform reliably by bringing together talents and investing in R&D.

Bottom line

In keeping with its roots, WOWSEA continues to manufacture high-quality, innovative paddleboards with consumer needs in mind, offering them globally at affordable prices for ever. WOWSEA: Love Enjoy My Lifestyle

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