Are There Any SUP Activities at Christmas

Are There Any SUP Activities at Christmas
Dec 15 2022

What if we told you that giving people an experience makes them happier than giving them a physical gift on Christmas? If you think about it, it seems strange to think that a short-term experience can make you happier for longer than a physical gift.

However, a lot of research supports this claim, and we will use this article to explain how you can give a lovely experience to your loved one using SUP paddleboarding this Christmas. And while we're at it, let's talk about some awesome experiences you can ask for as presents. We are happier after experiencing something rather than receiving something material. It is now only a matter of deciding how to offer an experience to someone.

Material gifts that enable someone to generate their own new experiences are the only thing better than experiences in terms of happiness and value. As an example, you could use an inflatable SUP. Below are some activities you and your family can do with SUP paddleboarding during these Christmas holidays.


SUP Fun Activities to Do At Christmas

It is possible to do more than fun activities on a SUP, but this post would go on and on! In addition to its great versatility, paddleboarding has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the world. You can enjoy your paddle board in various ways during your Christmas holidays. You can do fun activities on a SUP regardless of your interests, age, or skill level.




Paddle polo

Have you ever heard of SUP polo? There is nothing complicated about this game, but it is extremely entertaining. This sport uses an inflatable SUP board with paddles, which combines stand-up paddle boards, water polo, and lacrosse. Played outdoors on flat water or in a swimming pool, it can also be done in a section of water.

Specially designed paddles with scoops are used for playing netball, and players can only touch the ball with their paddles and shoot it into the net. Consider the age and skills of the players when establishing rules and ensure that they are familiar with them. When playing this game with your family or friends, you should be prepared for many falls.

Return to shore in time to replenish your energy after going too far from the river or shoreline.


Paddle baseball

Due to many baseball participants, SUP baseball is also a great sport for large groups. Take this equipment with your family or friends out on the water and have a fun baseball game. Additionally, this sport can be a great workout. First, friendship, then the competition.


Paddle golf

You can enjoy this alone or with a group, which is an advantage. So if you're alone on the water and looking for something new to do, this might be the thing for you. To begin with, you'll want to ensure your golf club and ball is floating.

A little skill and patience are required to master the game of water golf. Look for a quiet area away from buildings, people, and other watercraft on the water. It is important to use a golf ball that can be suspended; otherwise, it will sink.


Sport Orienteering and SUP Quests

The only difference is that it is played on water instead of land. It's like the usual scavenger hunt game. It is a simple game in which members receive a map of the water with control points and riddles they must solve.

By using the SUP board, participants can find and solve these points/solve the riddles in the quickest time possible.

Game preparation involves scouting the route, mapping, setting checkpoints, and tracking the participants' movements. It is suitable for teenagers.

It is best to provide your buddies with the game rules and the venue layout in advance, saving you valuable time during the game.


Snorkeling and diving

SUPs are great for snorkeling trips since they're essentially long floating platforms for resting when you need a break from swimming and exploring. A SUP also allows access to hidden areas other boats can't reach because of its small size.

Divers are increasingly using SUPs for diving, as they are for snorkeling. With a larger board, you can carry more gear to remote and unexplored locations since they have a higher weight capacity.

With a surfboard, you can explore unrealistic snorkeling spots. A wealth of marine life awaits you when you paddle along uncharted shorelines. Make sure you bring your friends with you who are good swimmers and take safety measures when snorkeling alone.


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The activity of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is extremely aerobic. You will sweat - and sweat is your winter activity's enemy, just like winter running, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing.

Wear layers of synthetic clothing for your base layer just as you would for a vigorous winter paddle: wear layers of synthetic clothing to stay warm. Wearing cotton is not recommended. You should bring a nearly empty backpack, and when you start to sweat, quickly remove the culprit item of clothing and store it.

A mile of paddling in sub-zero weather, sunny skies, and heavy winds can leave me with nearly everything in my backpack. When choosing your paddling wardrobe, always consider the ease of getting out of it. Choose items without buttons, zippers, and Velcro. Wearing gloves makes it extremely difficult to fasten/unfasten any of these.

In the winter, first-timers often wear bulky parkas, snow pants, and thick turtleneck sweaters when paddle boarding. You shouldn't do it.

It's bad to bulk up for two reasons: Once you start sweating, there's nowhere to put the bulky items; bulky clothing absorbs a lot of water when submerged. It is very unlikely that you'd be able to recover in the event of falling into the water, with your clothing absorbing a lot of water weight.


Bottom line

That's how to enjoy flat-water SUP during the Christmas holidays. Before attempting winter paddling, consider your abilities and your determination. Some people don't like it, but you're the right person if you've made it this far.

Although there are some risks and extra safety precautions, paddling boarding in Christmas vacations can be a lot of fun. It's worth it for the brisk air and the snowy views. When winter wonderland is in full swing, you can find some of the best paddling photos. Have fun, and give it a try with WOWSEA slogan: Love Enjoy My Lifestyle! Seeing the world from a paddleboard is something you'll never forget!


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