Burning Calories: How to Get a Better SUP Workout?

Burning Calories: How to Get a Better SUP Workout?
Feb 24 2023

The dynamic workout you get from stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is an excellent incentive for those who love or want to get into the sport. In addition to having fun, stand-up paddleboarders can also enjoy an easy-to-learn healthy physical activity. A paddleboard is a great workout, as even a relaxing recreational outing burns 305 to 430 calories per hour.

It is important to remember that these caloric numbers depend on several factors. These include age, gender, and the intensity of the workout, experience, and paddling technique. The amount of calories you burn while paddleboarding depends on your experience and technique. Here's how paddleboarding can help you burn more calories, and how to get a better workout?


Learn, How to Burn Calories Stand up Paddleboarding?

When you are an experienced paddler, you burn a lot of calories, but as a beginner, you burn fewer calories. Learning to balance is challenging, but you do not burn as many calories as someone already on the water.

By being stable and comfortable on the paddleboard, you can spend more time paddling and less time just trying to stay balanced. You burn more calories while stand-up paddleboarding with the right balance and technique.

If you paddle with a strong, full-body stroke, your legs, back, and core is all working hard. Using this technique will burn the most calories. There are some general numbers for paddleboarders weighing between 165 and 200 pounds of  SUP calorie burn: (For more information, please see the previous article at How Many Calories You Burn When Paddle Boarding?)

  • 330-460 for recreation
  • The Yoga 410-530
  • 610-700for touring
  • 620-745: Surfing
  • 720-1130for racing

Many variables are involved in calorie burning, including current weight, body fat percentage, age, and gender, level of fitness, metabolic speed, experience, technique, and weather. Instead of getting discouraged or overwhelmed by that complexity, use it as encouragement. Every little bit counts! Focus on your paddle technique, and you'll notice improvements.


Burning calories - WOWSEA SUP Paddle Boards


What Determines How Many Calories A Sup Burns?

SUP racing will burn the most calories. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises and burns many calories per hour. It's an amazing way to burn a lot of calories fast.

You've seen how many calories standing up paddleboarding burns, but other factors can influence your calorie expenditure.

  • Level of SUP fitness
  • How is the water condition: flat or choppy?
  • Efficiency and technique of your paddling
  • Paddleboard intensity
  • The percentage of your body fat
  • Weighing yourself
  • The age you are
  • Fitness level overall
  • Metabolic rate

The most important thing is to stay comfortable during your SUP session, use the correct paddling technique, and keep your session as intense as possible.

Your feet, core, shoulders, and neck are all working as you paddle and balance. The calories burned by stand-up paddleboarding are considerable. Even moderate paddleboarding improves strength in both the lower back and abdomen.

Intensity increases benefits. You get a better workout if you paddle intensely and twist your core.



To calculate the approximate number of calories burned while stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), you can use the following formula:


Calories burned = MET value x (weight in kilograms) x (duration of activity in hours)


MET value is the metabolic equivalent of the activity, which is a measure of the energy cost of a physical activity compared to resting. (It is usually expressed as a numerical value, with 1 MET being equivalent to the energy expended while sitting quietly at rest. For example, an activity with a MET value of 3 would require three times the amount of energy expended at rest. Again, it varies from person to person.) For Recreation SUP, the MET value is approximately 5.3.


For example, if a person weighing 150 lbs(68 kg) paddles for 1 hour, the approximate number of calories burned would be:


Calories burned = 5.3 x 68 x 1 = 361 calories


It's important to note that this is only an estimate, and the actual number of calories burned may vary depending on individual factors such as age, gender, fitness level, and body composition. Additionally, factors such as wind, water conditions, and intensity of the activity can also affect the number of calories burned.


Burning calories - WOWSEA SUP Paddle Boards


Perfect in your Skills and Burn Calories with Stand-Up Paddleboarding

When you first learn to paddleboard, you do not burn as many calories as someone with experience. As you perfect your skills, you learn how to use all of your muscles. It takes practice to learn how to paddle with the intent of burning the most calories—using the proper technique teaches you how to use your core, legs, and back muscles properly.

A sense of balance makes paddling more enjoyable and allows you to burn more calories by focusing on paddling hard instead of balancing. It is not the case that you only burn your muscles when you practice and become proficient; you feel the burn in all your muscles. 

Even moderate paddleboarding improves strength in both the lower back and abdomen. You get a better workout if you paddle intensely and twist your core.


How to Get a Better SUP Workout?

If you paddle with the proper technique, paddleboarding can be a full-body workout involving the core, back, and legs. Remember how we said you'd get what you put into it? If you want to put more into your SUP workout, you must ensure you're getting the best one.


Here are some quick tips to improve your paddling technique:

  • Keep your arms straight: Instead of bending your arms, try to keep them straight and use your core muscles to rotate your torso and generate power.
  • Engage your core: Paddling is not just an arm workout, but a full-body exercise. Engage your core muscles to help rotate your torso and generate power.
  • Keep your paddle vertical: Make sure your paddle is vertical in the water and not at an angle, as this can cause drag and slow you down.
  • Use a high cadence: Try to maintain a high cadence by taking shorter, faster strokes rather than long, slow strokes. This can help you maintain speed and reduce fatigue.
  • Look ahead: Keep your eyes on the horizon and not on your paddle, as this can help you maintain your balance and paddle in a straight line.
  • Practice balance: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and try to maintain your balance by shifting your weight from side to side. This can help you stay stable on the board and improve your paddling technique.
  • Vary your stroke: Try different types of strokes, such as the sweep stroke or the draw stroke, to improve your technique and efficiency.


Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you paddle, the more you'll improve your technique and become a more efficient paddler.


 Burning calories - WOWSEA SUP Paddle Boards


Exercise and Enjoyment All While You Burn Calories

If you stand up paddleboard, you'll always burn some calories. Don't forget to have fun and work on getting comfortable and finding balance as you practice and learn. You won't even feel like you're exercising.

Think about technique and work towards good form. Having fun keeps the exercise engaging and easy. You get fun exercise and the joy of being outdoors with nature, all wrapped up in one activity.

If you become more comfortable with paddleboarding and better the intensity of your workout, you will burn more calories. If you learn to do it well, you will burn those high numbers of calories in no time, and a great way to tone muscles.

The fitness benefits of paddleboarding include strength, balance, agility, cardio, and endurance. Paddleboarding is a great way to work out your whole body!


In addition to the vast amount of water to enjoy, there are numerous 'gyms' to choose from. There is no doubt that paddleboarding is an enjoyable way to exercise outdoors, and it beats the experience of working out in any indoor gym. Burning calories this way is also inspiring and rewarding Love Enjoy My Lifestyle with WOWSEA.

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