What is the best inflatable paddle board for beginners?

What is the best inflatable paddle board for beginners?
Nov 11 2020

Attention all paddleboard beginners! If you are confused about what type of inflatable paddleboard to buy for yourself, WOWSEA brings the features you need to look for in your ideal paddleboard.

The ideal inflatable paddleboards come with versatility, agility, and afford you the best in balance. For all you beginners out there, we bring you all the characteristics of an all-around iSUP board that will support you for years to come. So, scroll on below and begin learning!

1. Balance

Every decent inflatable paddleboard must be engineered to afford you a good balance while you are out on the water. While it is true that beginners take their time to learn how to balance on the paddleboard, much of what you can do depends on the design of the board itself.

For example, wider boards will have more balance, but too wide, and you will not be able to move as smoothly on the water. Hence, like all good things in life, the board must balance all such aspects for user safety as well as for a well-rounded experience with paddleboarding.

If you want to take your child out on the water with you once you have mastered balancing yourself, a paddleboard should be able to accommodate both you and your kid. There are quite a few child-friendly inflatable paddleboards out now, so be sure to check those out before you make your decision.

To get started, you may want to look at the Blackfin Model X, the latest one, which has received high praise for its design.

2. Strength

This feature might seem a little obvious, but you would be surprised to discover that strength doesn’t necessarily mean difficult to break. Instead, for inflatable paddleboards, strength essentially translates to how well it can withstand water pressure and other natural elements or how quickly does it deteriorate with use over time.

A decent paddleboard should last you a few years, especially as a beginner. You should not have to replace your board until at least a year of regular use unless something out of the ordinary occurs, and the board sustains serious damage.

Inflatable paddleboards come with multiple layers of composite PVC construction and carbon fiber rail systems, among other features for strength. Additionally, when inflated fully, the paddleboard should feel completely rigid, which takes about 12 to 15 pounds per square inch for a standard paddleboard.

3. Accessories

Nowadays, it is simply not enough to have a board with a paddle for people who wish to partake in various activities while out on the water. This includes being able to do yoga or go fishing, among others. So, if you are one of those novices that want to experience water sports or activities, you need to look out for the right kind of accessories.

Paddleboards today come equipped with various action mounts that can even accommodate waterproof Bluetooth speakers, fishing rod holders, cargo rear, and a wide variety of other features. All these additions are now becoming more popular for paddle boarders, for they wish to enhance and customize their experience according to their personal preferences.

When paddleboarding with your kid, you may want to look specifically for bungees that come with handles so that they can hold onto it for security. This also suggests that you may want a paddleboard that has a higher weight capacity alongside various accessories for a safe and fun experience with your child.

Other accessories that you may get with your inflatable paddleboard are dual-chamber pumps, a repair kit, an ankle leash, a supportive bag, and a paddle (sometimes made out of fiberglass!). Now isn’t that a sweet deal?

WOWSEA’s Advice: Look For Versatility!

In our extensive experience with creating inflatable paddle boards, we have learned that no one feature alone can determine its performance. Surely, the skills of a paddleboarder come into play, but just like a musician requires a properly tuned instrument, so do paddleboarders, regardless of their level of skill.

This is why WOWSEA highly encourages all beginners, especially to look for a paddleboard that offers you multiple features at your disposal. We believe that versatile boards are the best investments, especially for beginners to start on, because they grow as your skills and comfort level does on the water.

Hence, your paddleboard shouldn’t just be strong or have great balance, but instead must have all the characteristics listed above, and then some! Some of you might have a preference for boards that can move faster, so you should include speed or agility in this list for yourself.

Remember, a versatile paddleboard makes for an all-around iSUP experience.

Our Values And Vision

WOWSEA is dedicated to putting consumer needs first and values the relationships it establishes with clients by way of providing the best products and services to them. This makes WOWSEA a trusted, reliable source of all things iSUP for its American audience and beyond.

Our dedication to making affordable inflatable paddleboards that are made via eco-friendly processes is evident in the boards we have made. At WOWSEA, we combine technology, innovation, and ethical practices to bring you ecologically responsible yet economical products.

Moreover, we are also committed to making sure every beginner gets the best possible tools to make fond memories with their friends and families as they enjoy nature’s wonders. With WOWSEA’s inflatable paddleboards, you will not just be safe but will also have a fabulous time!

So, head on over to our catalog to browse for the paddleboard of your dreams!

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We sincerely believe that the Biden-Harris administration will do everything possible to ensure proper SOPs are being followed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 so that we can all paddleboard our stresses away!

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