How is my SUP fishing life going?

How is my SUP fishing life going?
Aug 29 2022

The first time I tried fishing was when I was in college. As soon as I entered the school, everyone in the circle decided to go on a short excursion, and fishing was included as one of the activities. It's called Embankment Fishing, where you throw a lure from the land and aim for fish. My first experience of fishing was surprisingly enjoyable and I managed to catch five small fish while many people failed to catch a single fish.

Several decades have passed since then, and now I'm trying to fish with a SUP board. What's excellent about sup boards is that you can move freely. If you use a boat, you need various qualifications, and above all, you need a boat. With SUP boarding, you don't have to deal with those difficulties, all you need is a SUP board. You don't even have an engine on board and you can move freely on the water without the need for qualifications. 


My SUP fishing gear


It begins

Well, the morning I packed up early and headed out to the sea. It's hot those days, the sun rises early, and my wake-up time is getting earlier and earlier. However, driving early in the morning can make you feel better, the chilly breeze will lift your spirits. 

When I arrive at the beach, I get on my SUP board and feel as if I am the only one on the planet. The reality of being confronted by nature also gives me a sense of almightiness. Swaying alone in the sea on a SUP board, it feels like you're fighting against nature. 

But, this all-purpose feeling quickly disappears when I struggle with the fish. I can't catch them well, they run away. In the end, I didn't catch a single fish that day. The feeling of almightiness is now long gone, and on the car ride home, despair and frustration take over. What a waste of a day...


SUP fishing with my friend


Make a Practice Group

Nevertheless, the next week, and the week after that, I still went fishing alone. By the way, you can buy sup boards online at WOWSEA. I practiced alone and of course, went fishing alone. When you ride a sup board, you can feel the confrontation with nature, the battle against nature. It is a true state of isolation. I feel as if I am the only one there. 

However, I felt that there was a limit to how much I could acquire, so I decided to make a practice group. Instead, it is better to learn from those who have the skills. I decided to put myself in an unfamiliar environment because I thought it was training. 

Of course, at first, I found it hard to do a lot of things. We have arbitrarily decided that fishing areas and departure times must be adjusted to suit everyone, no freedom. After all, I have always done it by myself, and I am very resistant to being disturbed by others.

But guess what? After a year, I realized that fishing with friends is more fun than fishing alone; it is more reassuring to face nature together than to face it alone. Everyone will be happy if you succeed in fishing successfully. And I was sincerely pleased with the success of my companions. Originally, the SUP board I was riding to get my satisfaction. Now, I enjoy sharing experiences and joy with my friends. Someday, I want to participate in the events of WOWSEA and Japan SUP Promotion Association (SUPA). 


Enjoy my SUP fishing life


I also feel that my own facial expression has softened. More and more people tell me that my aura has changed. Apparently, I used to spend a lot of time with a Buddha's face. The feeling is really in line with WOWSEA's slogan: Love Enjoy My Lifestyle. Of course, I still have a longing to fight on my own - it's cool to be able to do things on your own. But I have realized that team play is also a good thing. 

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