Great SUP Lifestyle After A Chance Encounter

Great SUP Lifestyle After A Chance Encounter
Aug 08 2022

My friends and I were heading outbound from Hamburg on a day trip towards Elbstrand Blankenese Lake when disaster struck. “Where are the Quarkbällchen Paul?” cried Wolfgang. To put this crisis into better context, Quarkbällchen are an important snack (mostly for Wolf) which are a part of our monthly paddleboarding  trip out to the lake. “We have to go back and get them.. I told you to bring them Paul!” Wolf wailed. The city was some 30 mins back along the highway.“Wolf, do you want to pay for the gas to get back into town? If not then quite down” our other friend/driver Alex responded. Wolf had started living with his mother again, so all was obvious as to which option we were going to take.


A short while later we arrived at Elbstrand Blankenese when disaster struck. “I forgot my paddle board!” cried out Wolf yet again after a pleasant period of silence. “You egg” I replied, “and you complained about me forgetting your stupid snacks?”. “Well, it’s even now” Wolf growled, his face going red, “I’m going to go to the lake rental shop, I know the guy and he generally gives me a discount on gear”. This had obviously happened before.


Trotting back from the lake shop some 15 minutes later with a grin on his face, Wolf carried under his arm a shiny green, fairly new looking board. “The guy let me use this one for free!” he exclaimed, “he said that it’s a newer model and he’s been looking for somebody to try it out” wolf announced cheerily. The board looked sturdy and had the marketing stamp “WOWSEA” on its base in light black print. “WOWSEA…” wolf said “Never heard of it, but I’m not complaining” as he stretched and yawned loudly. “Well it looks a lot better than our boards” grumbled Alex into my ear as he eyed over his own shabby white board held together with glue patches everywhere. “Check this out” I said, inspecting Wolf’s new ride myself, “it has straps, we can hold down a box of Astra on the it’s nose and paddle across to the quieter parts of the lake”.  “A couple cold ones sound good!” Alex replied.



Out on the water, it was obvious to all that even with a box of beer aloft the bow, Wolf and his WOWSEA board had the advantage over Alex and I. “He always has good luck” Alex groaned watching Wolf race off, already 1 kilometre ahead. The WOWSEA board was indeed impressive, it actually seemed to be immune to the extra weight and to Wolf's famous clumsimous on the water. “I’m going to buy one” Alex announced more to himself than to my ears, “anything wolf-proof is a good buy”. And he was true to his word.


One month later back on the same lake, Alex and Wolf both had purchased WOWSEA branded FlyFish F2’s. I was impressed that they had both managed to save up all month just to make the purchase. “This is excellent!” Alex exclaimed as he paddle about on the new Flyfish. “I told you '' Wolfgang expertly said, “I’m happy that I forgot my board last month. Paul aren’t you?” he poked at me. Morons… I’m going to buy one too then, I thought.



And so I did, and without regret! While it is obvious the three of us are a bit goofy, we are the best of mates all the same and share the same passion for paddleboarding. Quality tools undoubtedly equal increased enjoyment and I can confirm that the WOWSEA brand produces such paddle boards. I have been using my own WOWSEA Flyfish F1 for the past 4 months now and it is absolutely the real deal.


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