What is the Hardest Thing for New Paddler about Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board?

What is the Hardest Thing for New Paddler about Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board?
Mar 19 2021

Do you love beaches and lakes? Are you a new paddler? Do you want to try SUP board but have an aqua phobia? Don't worry! It's a genuine condition that most of people have.

A lot of people have a fear of water. However, they do enjoy beach parties and riverside raves but are scared to try water games. This fear is normal. All we need to do is to learn how to overcome this fear. Here is how we can do it!


How To Overcome The Fear Of Water  

Aqua phobia, or dread of water, is a genuinely common fear. Like all fears, it might differ significantly in seriousness from one individual to another. Some people are only scared of oceans and strong waves, while others dread pools and, at times, even bathtubs. The severity of the fear has a wide range.

To overcome an aqua phobia, it is crucial to understand its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Causes Of Aqua Phobia 

The most well-known reason for aqua phobia is a past negative experience. If you have experienced a close suffocating encounter, wreck, or even an awful swimming experience, you are bound to build up a fear of water.

Figuring out how to swim is a very exciting experience for kids; however, terrifying encounters are normal. How these circumstances are taken care of assumes a significant part in deciding if fear will happen.

Also, note that the negative experience need not to have happened to you explicitly. It can happen in your surroundings or in a movie who has watched, possibly leaving a trauma on you.

Symptoms Of Aqua Phobia

Like every particular fear, aqua phobia symptoms also vary from person to person based upon the severity of the fear. The more serious the fear, the more extreme the indications will be.

You may shake, freeze completely, or endeavor to getaway. Other symptoms include feeling anxiety and tension in the days or weeks before an impending experience with water. You may decline to enter the water body or start terrifying when you step in.

Treatment Of Aqua Phobia

Like most explicit fears, aqua phobia also has a detailed treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is particularly famous. CBT is a psychological treatment that has proved effective in curing many disorders. In dealing with an aqua phobia, CBT will tell you the best way to recognize and supplant negative self-talk with more certain messages. It will likewise show you how to adapt to your dread.

In the treatment of fears, there is regularly a segment of contact. To achieve this, the specialist can assist you with defeating your dread through steady advances. For instance, you may initially be entrusted with placing your hand in the pool, then progressing with putting your feet and knees in, and lastly, stepping into the swimming pool.  

Over the long haul, a progression of little victories will build your certainty, permitting you to add new water-related exercises progressively. In the event that your fear is extreme, meds, entrancing, and different types of treatment might be utilized to assist you with getting your dread leveled out.



The Basic Operation Of Starting Paddling

Once you have overcome your fear of water, starting paddling would become a lot easier. Even though it wouldn’t be smooth but you’ll relatively do great since you are now comfortable in the water.

As a new paddler, you will find a couple of things hard about an inflatable stand-up paddleboard. But there is nothing to worry about. With the following tips and tricks, you can make the most out of your paddling experience;

Get A SUP Board

For the first few times, you don’t necessarily need to buy your own SUP board. You can rather rent it or borrow from a friend to see if you enjoy paddling or not. If you do, then pick for yourself a stand-up paddleboard.

Your board decision is dictated by a blend of paddler weight and expertise, your intended use, and the local conditions. So check out the best paddleboard for yourself.

WOWSEA SUP board is one of the best and highly recommended paddleboards in the market which excels at every discipline, including recreational paddling, surfing, hunting, touring,fishing, travelling, expedition, adventure, family time, fitness and SUP yoga. It is a low-cost, high-quality innovative paddleboard that possibly offers everything a paddler needs. Make sure to check it out.

Use A Leash

One of the principal things you need to focus on while taking part in any sort of water sport is safety. Furthermore, when paddleboarding, you unquestionably shouldn't neglect to tie yourself to your board with a leash.

Your board turns into your life-saving gadget when you get drained, lost, or when you get yourself way far from shore. With a leash on, you can lose your paddle board in blustery or turbulent conditions.

WOWSEA SUP board comes with a leash that you can attach to your paddleboard and tie to your calf or ankle. It is a high-quality leash that will not sever; however, you can be immediately detached to free yourself if your board gets pulled under by a powerful current or when you become entrapped in submerged plants.

Choose The Right Gear

To ensure your safety and enjoyment, having the right gear is very crucial. So before you begin in stand-up paddleboarding, make sure to get the correct SUP gear for your expertise level and for the climate you'll be rowing in.

The WOWSEA SUP board comes with a waterproof backup having all the essentials included. It has paddles, leash, removable snap-in center fin, inflator, and tool kit with patches and glues for any quick fix. Besides, it is a thick and wide all-around SUP board that is easy for beginners to balance on in both flat and wavy waters.

Check The Wind Direction 

When you're on your SUP, your body will, in general, act like a sail. This implies that solid breezes will probably control you and your board in every way. This makes it a lot harder for you to paddle and move yourself to where you need to go, particularly as a novice.

This way, perhaps the most significant paddle boarding tips we can give you is to mind the breeze conditions. Before hitting the water, discover the water conditions and climate conjecture for that day.



Learn The Paddling Technique

Quite possibly, the most well-known error paddlers make is that they hold the paddleboard erroneously. In case you're simply beginning, and you've had no exhaustive training on stand-up paddleboarding, your intuition is to hold it in a way with the goal that the twisted part of the board is confronting you, so you can move yourself forward.

However, that is really not the correct method to use your paddle as it can cause undesirable sprinkling and cause you to lose your equilibrium. You need to flip your paddle so that the bowed part is confronting away from you. This way, you will be more stable and able to paddle better.

Keep in mind the following techniques to maintain a better posture so that you paddle swiftly and don’t wear yourself out;

  1. Face the front keeping your back straight
  2. Hold on to the non-blade end of the paddle
  3. Use both of your hand and hold the paddle horizontally over your head
  4. Now try to rest the shaft on the top of your head
  5. Ensure that the shaft corresponds to your shoulders and that the arm holding the paddle is creating a perfect 90-degree angle.
  6. Move the other hand along the shaft until you create a perfect 90-degree angle with that arm as well.

Use Your Core

Talking about techniques, another significant paddle boarding tip each novice should observe is that the genuine rowing ought to be done by your center, not your arms.

Your arm muscles will give significantly less force and will easily wear out contrasted with your stronger core muscles. Connecting with your center guarantees more noteworthy proficiency in rowing and permits you to keep up your equilibrium on the board.

Therefore, it is advised to use your core effectively instead of pushing your arms and draining yourself.

Give Yourself Enough Space

Giving yourself enough space is crucial in keeping yourself stable and balanced. You need to have space to freely test your ability and move around.

In case you have another person nearby, their waves can make you lose your stability or can bump your paddle. This can lead you to tumble off your inflatable SUP board and get injured or harming another person. So, give yourself enough space for your and everyone else’s safety.

Keep Your Head Straight

As a novice, it can at times be hard to keep your head straight looking forward. It's more common and comfortable to look downwards instead. However, the thing is, standing straight is critical when paddleboarding as it empowers you to accomplish stability.

In case you're peering down at your feet, your head will clearly be looking down too. This way, you would not be able to maintain your balance and ultimately fall off.




Following all these aforementioned tips will provide you a smooth SUP boarding experience, but with WOWSEA stand-up paddle, it would be further improved and easier.

Designed with cutting-edge WOWSEA F1 technology, there isn't another SUP that offers as many features as the WOWSEA brand. It is useful for most water conditions and is the perfect choice for leisure paddling, SUP Fitness, expedition, Fishing, adventure, and traveling experience.

The WOWSEA stand-up paddleboard provides a nice rubber grip for your feet so you can easily balance yourself and try fishing and hunting. The inflatable yet comfortable surface with inflation valves and carry handles also makes it ideal for SUP fitness and yoga.

In addition to all that it offers, the board is low cost and high quality. The WOWSEA Paddle Board is affordable and dedicated to consumer’s happiness. It is based on helping consumers love and enjoy such a lifestyle to cherish nature as much as possible.  

Genuine Concerns and Cautious Opinions

Genuine concerns and risks related to paddleboarding incorporate, however, are not restricted to being hit by a paddleboard, crash with different stand-up paddlers or their boards, weariness, water contamination, sunburn, dehydration, exposure to fish, kelp, algae, or other aquatic creatures, etc. WOWSEA SUP caters to all these potential risks.

It provides a waterproof backpack with all the essentials and guides included. To prevent tumbling from your paddleboard, the WOWSEA Paddle Board comes with a leash and has removable snap-in center fins to help maintain stability and balance.

Besides, the backpack contains caps and glasses to prevent sunburn. You can also keep a water bottle and sunscreen in your backpack to stay hydrated and safe. The inflatable stand-up paddleboard has an air cushion as well. You can relax if tired and drain.

We do what we can for the society -  Charity

In addition to being one of the best, innovative, and affordable SUP board brand, WOWSEA is also very considerate. It is currently running two programs; One Million Dollar Rally and WOWSEA School SUP Paddling Sponsor program.

WOWSEA wants your SUP paddling world to be a better place by supporting organizations involved in waters conservation, helping disabled veterans through SUP paddling or getting kids into the sport of SUP paddling. Under its One Million Dollar Rally program, WOWSEA donates $5 on every WOWSEA purchase. On the other hand, the WOWSEA School SUP Paddling Sponsor program offers great sponsorship for school, church, or community sup paddling club.

WOWSEA, with its product and community service efforts, aims to promote paddling and make consumers love and enjoy the paddling experience and have a new lifestyle. Buy WOWSEA SUP Board to have an exceptional paddling experience while making a difference in society at large!

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